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Nutritional Vitamin Supplements & Arthritis::research Results

Research about vitamins and arthritis distress, have found positive results.  But nutritional vitamins  usually are not the only useful ingredients.  Minerals and amino acids, as well as unique compounds like glucosamine and SAM-e have been evaluated for their pain-relieving benefits.

2 Crucial Steps

Step One, obviously, is to insure that you are receiving all the important nutritional values on a daily basis.  That may be not easy to do without a superior supplement.  The value of the much advertised multi-vitamin supplements is questionable.  This is because they contain synthetics and the least expensive forms of the obtainable vitamins and minerals.  Therefore, always purchase all-natural supplements.  "Plastic" nutrients probably don't contain much of an effect.

The Next Step for somebody that has sore knuckles, general stiffness or a bit of irritation is Omega-3 fish oil.  Fish oil has been used for numerous years to alleviate the agony associated with osteoarthritis.  Modern day research have revealed that it is beneficial for the rheumatoid sort, too.  Technical reviews have shown that a number of fish oils have more anti-inflammatory action than others.  Therefore, search for a vitamin company which has had their fish oil tested for its inflammation-preventing-ability.

Mussel Power

Once you have the basics of a multi-nutritional formula and a good quality fish oil supplement, you may consider green lipped mussel powder, that's another natural anti-inflammatory.  The mussels have a variety of nutritional value important to joint and bone health.

Some of the scientific studies relating to vitamin supplements and arthritis agony in the knee joints have looked at the value of natural vitamin E and glucosamine sulfate.  Although glucosamine has been recommended for years as a dietary supplement for rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, research workers are still debating the effectiveness of the treatments.

This and other research have confirmed that it is the form of glucosamine used in the scientific studies that accounts for the various outcome.  Glucosamine sulfate is much more practical than glucosamine hydrochloride.  But, since both have a positive effect, some of the better manufacturers incorporate both sorts in their supplements.

Vitamin Research Result

Studies concerning certain vitamins and arthritis agony indicate that A, C, D and E may be beneficial, because they lessen the oxidative harm caused by free radicals.   Also because the body's natural antioxidant status decreases with time.  Contained in the study mentioned above, researchers concluded that 400mg of natural vitamin E (derived from palm oil) every day was just as effective as glucosamine sulfate.

So far, there have been no scientific studies comparing the effectiveness of other nutrition, like SAM-e and chondroitin.  As a result, when it comes to nutritional vitamins and arthritis suffering, it really is safe to say that a mixture of components (rather than just one vitamin like E) is the most effective choice.

3 Factors to Seriously Consider

If combined with a -
1. nutritious diet and
2. regular physical activity,
3. high-quality nutritional health supplements
should help repair damaged joints and decrease pain, while the curative course of action is ongoing.  A number of customers say that the dietary supplements are effective, regardless of whether they look at what they eat or manage to have enough exercise.

If you choose that supplementation is the appropriate choice in your case, look for a brand that includes numerous natural anti-inflammatories, plus turmeric, piperine and ginger.  In scientific studies concerning herbs, vitamin supplements and arthritis pain, those three spice extracts have proved to be most efficient.

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